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My paltry shack of immaterial trite that resides on some measly server wired up to an insignificant corner of the internet.

I’m Ramshankar’s and this is my personal website. This is the home to my blog and software projects. In the future, I hope to publish more of my content here. Currently, this site is divided into three sections:

  1. Blog
    My writings on hardware, software, games and other topics. They’re broadly classified by categories and includes a chronological archive.

  2. Software
    My personal software projects. Although not an exhaustive list of all software I’ve written, it contains news, downloads, screenshots and source code to some of my projects.

  3. About
    A bit about me, my contact information, copyright & disclaimer notices and this website’s colophon.

I’ve intentionally kept this site devoid of features like search and comments. This isn’t to say that I don’t try to improve this site, but I’m not looking to build an audience or make money off this site.

I’m more conscientious than creative and lack the skills necessary to beautify this site. At least, that’s excuse I keep telling myself. Let’s just call it minimalistic, okay?