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A hodgepodge of articles unconstrained by my obsessive tendency for focus. Some short, some long, partly serious, often soporific but wholly sincere.

Switching to a flexbox layout

This site had been styled using a float based layout since its inception. While browser compatibility is important to me, the float layout has its own set of issues. I’ve now re-designed this site using the more modern flexbox (flexible box) layout.

Jakemy JM-P18 precision screwdriver set

My impressions of the Jakemy JM-P18 precision screwdriver set with 48 interchangeable, magnetic bits and included tools.

The world of custom mechanical keyboards

The custom mechanical keyboard market is esoteric and expensive but has become more accessible and affordable over the last few years. I dissect and discuss mechanical keyboards and explore how they are customized.

A new year, a new font

I suppose most people begin their new year with a resolution. I spent the year-end holidays resolving my dilemma of switching to a new font for my website.

Why I’m a social media recluse

Everyone has their reasons for using (or not using) social media. Here are my, perhaps self-conceited, reasons for why I’m a social media recluse.

Hackers at the door, but nobody’s home

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but your site doesn’t need to be big and famous to be a target. But when hackers come knocking on the door, it’s convenient if nobody’s home to reply.

Configuring HTTP Security Headers

After obtaining an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS for your site, you should seriously consider configuring these security headers to further enhance its security. This is a guide on how to properly configure security headers for your site when using the Nginx or Apache web server.

Hades review

Hades is the latest video game from the well known, indie-game studio, Supergiant Games. I had to force myself to stop playing Hades in order to write this review. So does Hades get everything right? Here’s my review of it and whether it’s worth your time.

Valorant review

Here’s my review of the highly anticipated, tactical first-person shooter from Riot Games - Valorant. Does it live up to its hype or is it a just a Counter-Strike clone?

Static vs Dynamic websites

The choice between creating a static or a dynamic site can be confusing given the plethora of options available these days. I give a brief rundown on the differences between static and dynamic sites; and explain some of the trade-offs involved in making this a static site.

First Impressions: Diabotical closed beta

This is a quick summary of my thoughts of the very first closed beta of Diabotical. We’re merely a couple of hours from the second closed beta.

Typographically correct footnotes in Asciidoctor

Footnotes in Asciidoctor are straight forward. However, there’s a typographic problem that may not manifest itself immediately. In this article, I address this issue by explaining how to render typographically correct footnotes using Asciidoctor.

So what if blogging is dead?

This isn’t a tirade about how blogging has died, neither is it a condescending rant about how everyone’s on Twitter these days. The heydays of personal blogs have long gone. If blogging is dead, why bother blogging to a non-existing audience?

Does your site need to be HTTPS?

With the increasing adoption of HTTPS from browsers and search engines, both the security and integrity of data is of increasing importance. I explain why even a static site which doesn’t have sensitive data benefits from HTTPS.

Semantic line breaks

I’ve never given much thought to how I break text into multiple lines while writing. I would pick some arbitrary column limit and grudgingly deal with its consequences. Semantic line breaks is a technique I discovered recently that’s logical, convenient and when used consistently, offers many benefits.

The plight of arena FPS today

An exploration into the reasons why arena first-person shooters (AFPS) are struggling in today’s gaming market. Once the pinnacle of competitive, online multi-player gaming, the popularity of AFPS games has fallen sharply over the years. What can be done to save AFPS from extinction?

Why Hollow Knight is a masterpiece

Hollow Knight is a game made by a tiny team of developers but took the gaming world by storm. I make a detailed case for why Hollow Knight is a masterpiece and will forever be a timeless classic.

A new beginning…

I’ve decided to start writing again after a decade long hiatus. This is a brand new site aimed at being a home to my writing. It’s designed from the ground up to be clean, simple and to let me focus on the content.