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A few of my personal software projects that I found rummaging through my old backups.


nopf (Numbers, Operators, Functions) is an command-line expression evaluator with pretty formatting for common x86/x64 registers.


A GUI-based file archiver program like WinZip or Gnome’s Archive Manager.


A customizable disk clean-up utility with a intuitive user-interface and full command-line support. FilWip is the successor of the BeOS Clean-Up Manager.


BeConverter is a unit-of-measure converter supporting a wide variety of units. It makes clever use of the database characteristics of the Be File System for storing conversions.


A typing-speed test utility I hacked up when my internet connection was down over the weekend.

BeOS Clean-Up Manager

A disk clean-up utility for BeOS and the predecessor to FilWip. Features a simple user interface for ridding your disk of cruft that accumulates over time.


An SHA-256 implementation for the BeOS.

BStringEx library

An extension for BeOS’ BString class wrapped in a convenient to use shared library.