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Beezer is an GUI-based archiver application for the Haiku operating system. Beezer does not work on Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac.

Earlier versions of Beezer worked on Zeta and BeOS. The final version that is available for Zeta and BeOS is 0.09. Beezer is currently only developed/maintained for Haiku.

Beezer is functionally similar to programs like WinZip, Ark (on KDE) and Archive Manager (on Gnome).

Beezer is a native Haiku/BeOS application written from scratch in C++ with the aim of having a slick, responsive, easy-to-use GUI while offering powerful archiving features. Under the hood, Beezer controls command-line programs, most of which come pre-installed with the operating system, to seamlessly perform compression and decompression.

Beezer was designed to be extensible using a pluggable-module architecture. It supports several popular archive formats such as zip, tar, gzip, bzip2, lha (lzh) and 7zip using modules/add-ons. Thus adding support for more archive formats is relatively simple.

Beezer was originally written by me, Ramshankar (Teknomancer), for BeOS and later Zeta. I then published it as open source software on 26th September 2009. Following this, Chris Roberts (cpr) ported it to Haiku in 2011. Beezer is now being developed/maintained by the two of them in their spare time.

Beezer supports some additional file formats that may require you to download the binaries if they don’t ship as part of the operating system.


Beezer is free software published under the BSD 3-clause license. Contributions in the form of patches are welcome as long as they are compatible with this license.

Source code

Source code available at Beezer’s GitHub repository.