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BeConverter is a unit-of-measure conversion utility with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It makes clever use of the database characteristics of the Be File System to store the details about the units and how to convert between them. This brings in 100% customizability and extensibility. BeConverter comes with over 30 different categories such as Mass, Volume, Velocity, Money, Time, Digital Quantity etc. totalling over 350 units and easily extensible with no additional software.

With BeConverter, you can virtually convert just about anything, from miles to kilometers, bits to gigabytes, celcius to farenheit and so on. BeConverter also features a simple, in-built expression evaluator for quick calculations. For example, expressions like 2 * (3+12) / sin(30) or fact(18) + fib(4) * 4/30.4 + 0x40.

BeConverter was written by me, Ramshankar (aka Teknomancer) around the year 2000. Unfortunately, I don’t really intend on improving it any further as I think it has served its purpose. Maybe some day I might rewrite it just for old times sake.


BeConveter is free software published under the GNU Public License (v3). Contributions in the form of patches are welcome as long as they are compatible with this license.

Source code

Source code available at BeConverter’s GitHub repository.